Friday, 22 February 2013

Book review: Gifts from the garden

Gifts from the garden is a gorgeous book. It contains a mix of gardening, craft and cooking projects, workshops and recipes, 100 in all. None of the projects are ridiculously difficult, and in tune with our thrifty resourceful economy, show you can make lovely presents using your own ingenuity and creativity even if you don't have much money.
Well known food writer Debora Robertson, (who has ghosted several famous books by well-known chefs, nudge nudge, wink wink) author also of the blog Licked Spoon, has created an inspirational book.  So in this book, you have all the talent without the ego!
If, like me, every birthday and Christmas, you never know what to get for family and friends. When you are older, most of them have everything they need, they don't want more clutter.
In the past I've made hampers and preserves as gifts. Unless you can buy them something proper like a holiday or a car, most people would prefer something handmade and personal. It's perfect for anyone who likes using their hands: crafters, gardeners, cooks and for people who like to find out how to make things.
This book gives tons of ideas: from cuttings charmingly planted up, hand sewn lavender hand warmers, herbal bath fizzies, marigold candles, natural cosmetics, unusual pesto sauce from your garden, even how to wrap the presents using plants and ribbons.
Mother's Day is coming up, the 10th of March: I reckon Gifts from the garden is the perfect present for her.
Beautifully photographed and styled by the talented Yuki Sugiura, it's totally up my street. Not only are the projects visually appealing, but the book itself is wild, carefree, blowsy and feminine, extravagantly pretty. I love the hand painted endpapers.
The Secret Garden Club are big fans!

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  1. Very informative book of gardening gifts, thanks for sharing with us.


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