Monday, 23 January 2012

Secret Garden Club: My birthday competition!

It's my birthday today. The week after, we are hosting a special Secret Garden Club (workshop and food) all about herbs or 'erbs as the Americans call them.
Astrology and herbs have strong associations: Nicholas Culpeper writes about them in his Compleat Herbal.
My sign, Aquarius is linked with
Anise (star), Curry, Spikenard and Wisteria according to this site.
To celebrate my birthday, I'm giving followers and readers a present!
To win two places please follow this blog and comment below, explaining why you should win a place at The Secret Garden Club on the 29th of January. (Leave your email).
(The date is non transferable.)


  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday!

    I think I should win as I'm having withdrawal symptoms from the Underground Farmer's Market and would love to know more about herbs for my sign (Pisces) :)

  2. I would like to win as it looks like awesome fun and Sheffield never has anything as exciting happening for us food addicts! Also I'm interested in starting foodie events similar to this here so would be good for research too, I'd bring my mum she would love it!


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